In Store Exchanges & Refunds

Due to the nature of cannabis and cannabis related products we are unable to Refund or Exchange or accept Returns on any cannabis and cannabis related products purchases.

However, we will gladly Exchange or Credit you on any defected accessories purchased at our store within 14 day of purchase. Sorry No Cash Refunds. 

Please bring your receipt or evidence of purchase with you when returning your merchandize.  (Certain conditions may apply).

Ordering Online

Please follow the below guidelines:

*The person who places the order MUST be 19 years of age or older.

*Please ensure the information provided when placing the order are correct and accurate.

*The person who places the order MUST be the person to receives the merchandize.

*At the time of pick-up or delivery, your government photo identification and your credit card information are required.

*Sale items are strictly for online orders for pickup or delivery only. Online sale items cannot be redeemed in the store.

*All Sales are FINAL – All online orders are fully checked prior to packaging to ensuring merchandizes are intact free from any imperfections and defects. Therefore, no refunds or exchanges are applicable to on-line orders.

*For Pickup and/or Delivery, place your order online, choose ‘Cash’ to pay upon pick-up or pay by credit card online for delivery. We accept all major credit cards.

*Orders not picked up within 24 hours will be cancelled

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is safe with us . . . We pride ourselves for providing a confidential and safe experience to all of our customers. Here at Hot Buds we are committed to respecting and maintaining the privacy of the personal information of the individuals with whom we interact. We only collect those necessary identifiable personal information that would enable us to contact individuals in relation to their customer account with us. We shall not use or share or sell to third parties our customer’ information for any other purposes. We collect the following information of our clients; (1) individual’s contact and identification information, such as; name, date of birth, address, phone number/s, and e-mail address, (2) individual’s information related to the products and services that they require from us, and (3) the client’s payment information, including his/her credit card information. We may also collect your personal video surveillance information when you attend our store. The video surveillance systems has been deployed throughout our store to; (a) ensure a safe and secure environment; (b) immediately respond to any occurring incident; (c) demonstrate to the AGCO of our state of control and compliance with the governing regulation; and (d) protect us against error, fraud, theft and damage to our goods and property such; the point-of-sale data with videos taken at the time of transactions. Moreover, your personal information may be disclosed for the purposes described below:
  • Audit of the age verification data to be conducted by a third party as part of an audit by the Canadian Ministry of Health regulatory requirements.
  • To comply with valid legal processes such as search warrants, subpoenas or court orders;
  • As part of the Hot Bud’s internal review activities
  • To protect the rights and property of the company “Hot Buds”;
  • In the event of an emergency situations or where necessary to protect the safety of an individual

Your personal information may be shared with our employees or during the change of ownership transfer to another party.  

Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read these “Terms and Conditions of Use” carefully before using this website. 

You must be NINETEEN (19) years old or older in order to be allowed to use or access this website. 

If you are under the age of Nineteen (19) you are not permitted to access this site and you MUST this site immediately.

By using this website you “AGREE” to these terms of use. Should you disagree with these terms, please do not use this website and leave.

Code of Conduct

At Hot Buds we promote compliance, transparency, accountability, and responsible business practices. To ensure that each member staff can effectively carry out this goal, every employee has agreed to abide by the Hot Buds Code of Conduct.

Each member of staff Shall;

  • Every employee of Hot Buds MUST comply with all applicable provincial and AGCO laws and regulation regarding cannabis.
  • At Hot buds we conduct business in a fair, honest and forthright manner.
  • Our staff shall conduct business in a manner that assists in establishing legitimacy and credibility of our establishment.
  • Hot Buds management MUST demonstrate legal and regulatory competency with provincial and local standards, and the laws and regulations
  • Hot Buds management shall be transparent with government regulatory bodies and the AGCO.
  • Hot Buds personnel are encouraged to be ethical and professional, and courteous when dealing with our customers.
  • At Hot Buds we shall not manufacture or sell cannabis and cannabis related products that could be attractive to minors.
  • At Hot Buds we discourage under cannabis influence driving.
  • At Hot Buds we only employee those individuals with good moral character and who does not have any criminal histories or a record of non-compliance with regulatory authorities.
  • Hot Buds staff shall not engage in business practices that would increase the availability of cannabis and cannabis products to individuals who are under 19 years of age.
  • All Hot Buds personnel MUST protect the confidential information of the customers.
  • Hot Buds management and staff MUST not engage in fraudulent behavior.
  • At Hot Buds we promote a culture where everyone can live as their authentic selves, with safety, equitable access to opportunities, and respect, in regards to sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, relationship status or family structure, mental or physical disability, neurotype, physical appearance, body, race, ethnicity, nationality, language, history of conviction, socioeconomic status, place of origin or religion.
  • Here at Hot Buds, we condemn harassment and discrimination by any individual on the basis of sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, relations.