Our Team

Our highly experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff are here to provide guidance and assistance to our new customers so they can choose appropriate cannabis products that meet their needs as well as educating them how to use marijuana products safely and effectively. For experienced users however, we can quickly help them to identify the products they are looking for and offer them efficient purchasing experience.

Our passionate informed and ethical Managers and Budtenders have intimate knowledge of each and every product that we offer particularly those new offerings. They happy to direct our valued customers to the cannabis products that will best meet their needs.

Here are some of the attributes of our Hot Buds’ staff:

  • Personal rapport with customers
  • Friendly and Welcoming attitude
  • Positive interaction with our customers giving them confidence in the cannabis products that we carry.
  • Happy to explain and recommend proper delivery methods to the customers that will best meet their needs
  • Maintaining customers’ confidential information and much more …